Differences between 7900GTX's

I'm seeing the same company put out different versions of the 7900GTX. They will overclock it and call it 'extreme' or something along those lines.

Some places are charging massive amounts more for these "over clocked" versions.

My question, is the clock speed (on gpu and mem) the only difference in these cards? Is there better cooling system or something?

If it's the same card, can't we just buy the "normal" one then clock it ourselves? Don't these cards come with software to do that?

Is this just a marking ploy that plays off "non-tech" people who don't really know better?

Or is there really a hardware difference?

No flames please, I'm a noob with a question.

See below for an example

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  1. mostly correct part from the cooler part some companies do put on a new cooler.

    warning though sometimes a preoverclocked version wont overclock as much as a normal card.
  2. In some rare cases, a maker might use higher speed GDDR RAM with lower timings than the nVidia's spec calls for. You can usually search for tech reviews on a specific card to find out what one is made of.
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