My system and should I upgrade

My current system is a home built

Pentium(R) 4 2.4 GHz
8IPE1000 PRO - g
1 gig of memory 333 corsair memory <-- I think its 333
9800 non pro graphics card agp

I am running the new game oblivion at medium settings but it really lags at times. Do you think its a good time to upgrade? My computer is very non upgradeable.
Do you think its time to upgrade? should I hold off. if so what would you recomend. It kills me that It has no pci express
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  1. I think you should buy a new computer. You could always use that one as a server or something.

    Let's see: slow processor, slow memory, slow gpu, no pci-e, etc. etc.
  2. Well, do you have a budget? What parts will you be keeping from your current computer ( i.e what do you need ) ? If you can hold out for a while longer, socket AM2 will offer a future upgrade path ( AMD are the best for gaming at the mo ).
  3. if your looking to play oblivion better than what its at now your gonna have to upgrade.

    start by picking out a motherboard!

    now is not a bad time to upgrade, you dont NEED to wait for conroe, AM2, vista, or any of that unless you have a specific reason to. its your personal choice.
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