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Hey der, now ive been using this system for a total of 2 weeks now but i was actually slowly upgrading it as i went along. The new LCD 19" was just recently added following my new razor copperhead mouse and logitech wireless keyboard! So far its been working great! Now the reason i said its completed is cause ive finally got it how i want it and will do me for a long time before another upgrade (im broke!) The only thing not completely sorted though is my graphics card which i just sent back to the place i bought it off to be tested and checked for faults, but hey thats a good thing! Either ill end up with a new better replacement or the assurance/ confidence that its working :) Any way so i cant use my gaming comp again for a few days but thats not the point of this thread! I just wanna know what you guys think of my finished system, monitor and all!? Feel free to point out any bottlenecks or probs you predict. Specs in sig.
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  1. It looks great. Enjoy it.
  2. Hey I notice you're from Ireland. Where did you order your parts? How did you find the service? And yes it's a nice system although I probably would have went dual core.
  3. As quite a few people have pointed out in other threads, Dual Core isnt totally necessary yet, so going with the 3700+ will give him good performance while still leaving an upgrade path to dual core once everything is optimized for it.

    Nice rig man, have fun.
  4. Yeah its kinda tough livin in ireland when you wanna home build a pc cause of the total lack of places to buy off, but i did find a great site called Komplett.ie where i eventually bought all i needed for a reasonable price (considering ireland) Just came across it while googlin. So are you a fellow Irishman?
  5. Yep - nice solid system. No real bottlenecks that I can see. Good choice on hdd especially.

    Just 1 thing - which part of Ireland is the sunny part :P
  6. Nice system. Have fun with it! :D
  7. Yeah I've been planning on ordering from komplett.ie, good to see a satisfied customer so I know my money is safe!
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