6800XT temp too high??

Hi all,
I have a Galaxy Geforce 6800XT with GDDR3 memory and a stock Zalman cooler fitted in. Core clock is 425 and mem clock 1000, both stock speed. See here http://www.galaxytech.com/news/listst1.asp?s_id=13

My concern is the temp of the card, idle temp (at window without using any 3d apps or games) right after system is started is already 50C. And it get up very quickly to 53C at idle. Now when its gaming, it took about 15min of 3d gaming like NFS MW before it hits about 70-72C. I can tell its 70 or above in the middle of 3d gaming because the gfx card alarm automatically goes off when it 70C. And I use rivatuner monitoring feature to confirm this. And I open the case n confirm tht the fan is in fact working. But is there a way to make the fan go faster or something as I cant find a way to control the fan.

Now I'm no expert in this but I suppose 70-72C at full load is a bit high for a gfx card like mine as I've seen other 6800LE, or 6800 vanilla going around 50+ or so during full load.

Anyone with 6800XT have this problem? Anyone can tell me why the temp is so high and any possible solution without spending a fortune to get a super cooler?

Thanks in advance for ur advice. Its appreciated.
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  1. Try gaming without the cover on your case and see if the temps come down. If they do, you need to add some fans to your case. This is more than likely the problem. If this doesn't fix it, I would call galaxy tech support, you might have a problem with the card. Also make sure that the case fans you do have are not full of dust.
  2. lol I wish my video card would run that cool. I have a pny 6600gt and it gets in the mid. to upper 80's while gaming. I have already had this card replaced once, lol the other died days after install. This is over a year old now.
  3. Those temps are fine. GPU temps go a lot higher than CPU temps. My 6800GT idles in the mid 50s and loads in the 70s or something.
  4. My 7800GT which I have overclocked @ 470/1150 at idle is 48c and under load is about 55-56c. But I am running 5 case fans.
  5. Well, it seems tht 6 series Geforce card are a lot hotter than their 7 sries counterpart, esp the 7900 series. Check out this 7900GT, http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=3437&s=3 ....very high oc n volt mod while still maintaing 40s C during load on air cooling. For its performance n its temp, u could almost cry. :-)
  6. Hi, after checking it, it seems that the heatsink (aluminium type) is pretty cool, not warm whatsoever, while the card itself, at the back, is very very warm to the touch, probably justifying the 50C from idle. Is this normal or it the heatsink. What could be the problem here? Poor thermal contact between gpu n heatsink?
  7. aye it sounds like the thermal contact is bad , id suggest taking it off and replacing the compound with silver artic or somin (remember do very thin layer). im lucky on my 7800 geforce . im running it o/c'ed in an akasa case with 2x120mm fans and the card has zalmans aftermarket cooler on and i see
    46'c @idle and 50'c max under full load (machines been on for some time too)
    these temps are with it at 480/1400 :)
  8. Those temps are fine. Mine runs up to 80*C on a really hot day (like today)
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