Little help with some odd graphics problems.

I've got a 6800GT that's never been changed. (OCed) One day it started doing this in all my games:

Here's a new picture. It's an error after a 3DMark test:

After it does that, I can close the app, but if I don't do that in time, my computer just restarts. Anybody got a fix or some idea as to why it's doing this? Looks like overheating to me, but I have no idea why it would suddenly just start overheating. Thanks for any and all help. :D
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  1. could be overheating due to DUST, just clear out the dust bunnies and see if that helps, also check drivers.

    looks like it may be frazeld though, things can just fail.
  2. Ok, so if my card has just failed, should I be able to get it replaced easily? I've never dealt with BFG customer service before.
  3. I have a couple BFG cards and their tech support seems to be pretty good. You shouldn't have a problem getting it replaced. I probably wouldn't tell them that you OC'd it, let them figure that out later.
  4. Get it replace and don't waste time on trying to fix. That's the beauty of BFG of having lifetime warranty. I torture my card every time I play games and know that I can get replace when it get busted. :D
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