Choice of video card, which is best?

I've got a couple of old-ish PCs that I'm turning into one PC in order to save some space.

I need some help deciding which is best - GeForce4 MX440 64mb (Mad Dog 'Prowler', if it helps) or Radeon 9200 64mb (which I bought because it was £12/$20).

I can play all the games I want on the 9200, but am I missing a trick by not using the GeForce.

Thanks for your help, and seeing as this isn't exactly bleeding-edge gear I would hope the fanboys could stay out unless they can resist the temptation to be, well, fanboys!
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  1. A Radeon 9200 is much better than a Geforce MX 440.

    The 9200 has at least basic pixel shader capability, DirectX 8.1 compatible.

    The MX 440 is a DirectX 7 card, no pixel shaders at all.

    Neither are that great by todays standards, but if you have to use one, use the 9200...
  2. Quote:
    LOL, the 9200 makes my 9550 look good. :lol:

    I wish, :cry: I'm ashamed of my current rig.

    And my x600 makes everything look good. Crappy x600 is a disgrace to my system. It's even crappier than the crappy power supply :cry:
  3. if your sys is pci go with the fx 5200 it is dx9.0
    and about the best you can get for pci and for around 60$ or less
    and alot better than the other two
  4. agree with cleeve, the 9200 is the way to go, the MX was a great card for it's time, but it just doesn't manage against the 9200 ...

    but I was winning the crappy gfx card award about 6 weeks ago - a 16mb RIVA TNT 2 (on a Pentium III - 450!!!!!) .... a great card as long as you don't want to play any games after about 1999!!!

    luckily I upgraded just a few weeks ago to an X850XT on an 3500+ with some fruit .... phew
  5. Cheers guys. I had a feeling the GF4 wasn't as good. Seeing as this isn't a 'primary system' I'm not hugely bothered about being able to run BF2 at 4000fps.

    I do still enjoy building comps out of other comps tho - it makes them feel free!

    And if I wanted a 5200 I'd just use the one in my Apple. But unless I'm gona limit myself to The Sims 2 I think I'll stick with a PC for a lil while longer.

    Does anyone know which games you can play on a Mac? I know there are a few (Quake III you can, unless I'm wrong) but I never know which you can and which you can't. The GFGO!5200 isn't TOTALLY awful so any games I can play on my laptop would be a real plus!
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