Please help Nvidia gefoce Quadro fx 3450 for playing games

Hi can someone please help me with this graphics card question.So my local computer shop is closing down and they have a geforce quadro fx 3450 256mb pci express card for sale for $300.I want to know is can I use this card to play games like oblivion 4 as im looking for a new card.The thing is the guy working there says this card is worth $900 to $1000 so it seems like a bargain.So im thinking i use for like 6 months until directx 10 comes out then sell it and get maybe $500 and buy a new video card.Im broke at the moment so i cant really get a geforce 7900gt which looks so if i do this deal I cant lose.Anyway does anyone know what kinda performance i will get out of this card for just playing games any advice at all would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. NO. That is for a workstation card. Video editing ect. That is not a gameing card.
  2. I believe the 3450 is the Quadro version of the 6600 GT.

    Quadro cards are overpriced because they are made for workstations, not because they are more powerful.
  3. The card itself has the capabilities of playing the games very well. The drivers you have to use with it on the other hand are not optimized for gaming so do not expect top of the line performance.

    I wouldn't think about using it. Instead, if I were to seriously consider this "deal", I would just turn around and sell it on somewhere like Ebay.
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