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Just put together an external hard drive. Peguin case with USB/1394 connections and a WD 330GB ATA drive. When I plug it into either of the 2 USB connections on the front of the case (Antec Sonata), the computer freezes. Have to use the reset button to restart. I plugged my mouse into the same connectors and the mouse works fine. The drive works when I plug the 1384 in the front 1394 connection. The drive also works fine when I use the rear USB connectors. Also works fine on a second computer uisng the USB connection. Any ideas? Thanks
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  1. No one has any ideas what be causeing this?
  2. is the external drive you are plugging have its own powersupply? or does it get its power through the USB?
  3. It has it's own power supply
  4. Have you tried plugging any other USB devices in the front ports that are the problem?
  5. I've plugged my mouse into both front ports and they worked. That's what so strange. The drive has worked fine using the rear USB ports and the firewire ports front and back. It's worked fine using the USB ports on a second computer. The hard drive works and the front ports work, they just don't work together. I assume if the computer is freezing, it's recognizing the drive when I attache it to one of the front ports.
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