CoolerMaster Aquagate miniR120 Overclocking.

I have an Opteron 165. For cooling I have a Coolermaster Aquagte miniR120 on my cpu. Ive set the volts to 1.4 and htt at 278x9 for 2.5Ghz. The temps then are around 43C idle and 55C loaded prime. I think these are WAY to high for having watercooling, dont you? Someone please give me suggestions on what to do.
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  1. Sorry idle temps are actually 40C.
  2. my bumps
  3. that thing is a POS, simple fact, you get way better temps on good air cooling
  4. I think somethings just wrong with mine. Because Ive read great reviews from many tech sites. The temps were all lower than mine
  5. you dont' have the exact same setup and mobo temperature reading can be off
  6. Hey, I just changed to the same cooler set up too. Mine is as such:
    mini120: idle 30C, full load 58C (while playing FEAR), Ambient 24C, cooler fan setting low-low noise.
    Medium fan setting, full load 50C. Noise-noticeable but mostly drowned by game play.
    stock intel cooler: idle 45C, full load 62C (playing FEAR), AMBIENT 24C, cooler fan noisy.

    I'm happy with the mini120 considering the price is 85 dollars. I get lower noise and cooler cpu than the intel stock cooler.
    P4 670 3.8Ghz OCed to 4.18Ghz,
    x1900xtx, x-fi fatal1ty sound card,
    1GB PC6400 Corsair twin xms DDR2
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