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Hello I'm new here.
I was told this is best place to get answers to computer questions, so I thought I would give it a try.

1. Can I change the name of Process?

2. If I change name of process does it show it as to what I changed it too?

3. How do I change the name of process on windows 7 32 bit?
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    Processes take on the name of the program they're running, so if you change the name of the program then the next time it starts it will take on the new name. You can do this by renaming the program file (the ".exe" file) using Explorer.

    But don't try this with system programs, it would probably cause problems.
  2. Can I rename a Macro. exe to Aim and It would show up as Aim?

    If I play an online game would they be able to Tell if truly was Aim or not?
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