Oblivion vs. Ultima 9

Seems unfair?
I remember reading some other posts in the hardware/graphics cards forumz about Ultima 9 and that brings back some memories and some questions.

I am asking about this because I remember Ultima 9 and how good it was (even with only 10 fps). Then there was Elder Scrolls 3:
It was more advanced and larger (even supported T&L !!), Better in most ways. But still seemed flat, bland, no one cared if I saved a town, sound and music seemed lame, repetative, etc.

Then I saw Oblivion!
That seemed completely different than Elder Scrolls 3 and a much more rich environment. A lot less flat, less repetative, more artistic, etc.

So, I hope this means Oblivion is better in every way and we can finally put Ultima 9 to rest where it belongs.

The game is new, but has anyone else found this to be true so far ??
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  1. Gee.
    It seems Ultima 9 died sooner than I expected.
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