Windows 7 boot time-hardware or software problem??

I have Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop, Intel core i3 2 GB ram and 320 gb hardrive. I was running windows 7 home bsic edition 32bit on it. Everything was going fine. Then I saw some files in my E: drive with the .dll exension which i thin were reated to the microsoft visual C++ enviroment and i deleted them.Lap top was sill running fine. But when I shut it down and turned on again it gave an error on startup that "one or more peripheral devices may have been removed imporperly". So I formaed my C: drive, where windows was installed and re-installed windows 7 basic 32 bit. Bu even a fresh copy of windows was taking 5 to 6 minutes to boo up after the "windows is starting screen" but eventually it did start. when I tried insttalling my drivers it gave an error that the drivers are not supported by this system. And I know the drivers are the correct one becaus I have used them before with this same windows and same laptop. So I again formatted my C: drive and this time installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. But the problem is same it takes 5 to 6 minutes on the "windows is starting screen" and then eventully starts up. And I ran "HDTune" software to see if if my hardrive was okay....and it gave no errors. I even set my bios to "restore default setings" but still no luck. I am running out of ideas. I even tried disk de-fragmenation.....and yeah he drivers wont install even in the windows 7 ultimte 64 bit edition.
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  1. Have you try to install the driver by hand?
  2. I have the drivers with me, i extract them to c:\dell\drivers\ and run the setup from there.........the rest of the procedure is i am not sure what you mean by "install by hand".
  3. like in device manager and update driver (for your unrecognized device) and you select the .ini file for the window to install.
  4. :( i was messing around with it and now my hard drive is not showing in BIOS
  5. Ok, remove the battery and power and hold the on button for like 30 seconds. Put battery and plug in power and reboot. If it still doesn't work, reset CMOS (If you are out of warranty). If you are in warranty, contact them to get it fixed.
  6. thanks that my hard drive is showing in the bios but not when i try to install windows it cant detect it
  7. Set bios to run harddisk in AHCI mode
  8. yeah i have tried ATA ana ahci both....still no luck...ok so here is what i did...i took out the hard drive from my laptop and attached it through a usb port to my desktop.....i had three drive in my laptop c,d and e...........when my desktop begins to read my laptop Hardrvie it reads c and d succesfully but when it reaches E: it gives me a blue screen error.....and it is the E: drive which i suspected as having some fault.
  9. It sounds like: Video / Network / and or Configuration issues, one or all.

    look for network problems causing timeouts. (Un-map if you are mapping any network drives not active?)

    video drivers can be tricky. Try booting your system in safe mode, ( F8 just before windows starts loading) in the display property's change the adapter's setting to VGA. Reboot. Now with the file or folder for the video chipset ready, windows may just figure it out. If it If it does not want to load peacefully, force it by not letting it go automatic, browse for the driver or use- "have disk"

    Advanced only:

    lean up the startup, by clearing all but "default" listings in the system registry section- (After exporting a copy) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  10. So you have one physical HDD partitioned into 3 logical drives or three physical drives for your laptop? I think the first case is probably more likely. In that case, try to delete all partition and have the drive unformatted before putting back into the laptop for os installation.
  11. one physical hdd with three logical drives...i deleted all my partitions from a boot cd using the hard rive is showing in the windows installation as one large partition and windows installation sys hrd drive may fail soon....when i took out the hard rvie from my lap top and attached it hrough a usb cable to another PC it won get deteced....has my had drive gone bad....note my hard drive is unpartioned but not formatted ....i dont know how to fromat it from DOS
  12. yes, I would expect that an unpratitioned and unformatted drive won't show up in your desktop. Proceed the window installation as usually in your laptop. After the successful installation, install all of the program plus updates and config the laptop so that it can access the internet. Run the laptop without generating any user content. Test function by opening the program you use and if everything works then make a system image. This will be your naive operation system image. I usually keep a naive operation system image and have system recovery point monitoring off so that I can quickly reformat a harddisk for a fresh start if there is any major issues, such as big registry screw up, driver conflict BSOD or HDD failure, instead of the long diagnostic process of fixing them. Download some tool to test your drive to see if is going bad. If it is , buy another drive and simply use the system image to restore you laptop.
  13. I some how manged to install win 7 and ran HDTune it said
    Reallocated Sector Count Current = 1, Worst = 1, Threshold = 36 Status = Failed
    and Health Status = Failed

    So What do you think is time to change my Hard Drive?
  14. Your reallocated sector count is lower than the threshold so I don't think it is causing the fail you have. But other parameter could be the problem. I think you have a seagate HDD, go to seagate's site and download the seatool for more diagnostic. Just keep in mind that every HDD will eventually fails and the diagnostic tools are only as good as an estimate. Sometimes a bad drive can still manage reasonable life out of it and a good drive can just as easily stop working overnight. Therefore, you know you drive is going bad, but you cannot predict exactly when your drive will die. Always keep backup and if you think you have some important things coming up and you absolutely need your laptop, then I would get a new HDD.
  15. I checked HDTunes Website and a "good value" is supposed to be above the threshold :) so my HD is just tottaly messed up. I have a sea gate hard drvie and i downlaoded sea gates software too......but when installing it my Windows detrioated exponentially and now won't start again ! so I guess I am going to put in a new hard drive and see what happens....i'll update you once i get the new HD! I am now 95% sure its the HD
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    Definitely sound like a doggy HDD if it is acting up so frequently. Sorry about mixing up the reading on HDTunes. Get a WD drive, I usually have Seagate fail on me. Out of all of the SATA drive I have owned, I have 1 seagate 3.5 120g fail, 1 seagate 2.5 250g fail, 1 seagate 3.5 500g fail, 1 seagate 2.5 500g fail, 1 seagate 2.5 320g still running and 1 seagate 2.5 500g still running. For WD I have 2 3.5 1T running and 1 3.5 500g running. So you can see I have really bad experience with seagate of 66.67% failure rate and no WD drive fail me yet.
  17. Yup it was a faulty seagate hard i bought a WD this time Thanks for all your help Pyree!
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