7900GTX 512MB SLI vs. ATI 1900XTX? and Image quality.

So what is better for image quality?

I've currently have two 7800GTX 512MB in SLI mode and I'm finding out that very few of the games I use (GTR, GTL, FS2004) actually support SLI. After reading the issues with shaders on the 7800GTX 512MB and seeing some impressive results from the ATI X1900XT 512MB, I'm wondering if ATI really have the upper hand and if I should dump my two 7800GTX 512MB's for a single X1900XT 512MB.

Your thoughts?

Thanks, Rob.
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  1. r u idiot,stay away from ati x1900 if u got 2 monsters.2 iz better than 1.tst shows that 7800 gtx 512 mb outgunned the ati x1900 crossfire.
  2. If the games you play don't use sli then I'm sure it seems like a wast to you. Comparing sli and cf still is not fare yet IMOP sli has been out for alot longer that cf. You have to think of the future though, you won't be playing those same games for ever and most of the newer games and games to come support sli.
  3. Would it be better for your needs? probably. Would it be worth the time, effort, and money for you? probably not.

    Stick with what you have I'd say....
  4. Yeah, Crossfire may not scale so well, for now anyway, but it is far more transparent and tends not to slow some titles down like SLI can when it's enabled. :P

    For an upgrade in affected games may I suggest:

    Disabling SLI in affected games :P

    ; as it will raise performance in many titles, vs the handful that actually support SLI.

    I am pretty sure the drivers can do this in under 20 mouse clicks or so.
  5. GTL (GT Legends) is a newer game. Unfortunately there are no details on what FS X will do in terms of SLI support, FS9 currently has major problems with SLI.

    AOEIII and LORII may support SLI, but I've ran both with and without SLI enabled and there is no significant different in visual performance. With the exception of COD2, none of my games seem to show any benefits from SLI. With the exception of artificial benchmarks such as 3DMark, I can't see or notice any real frame rate benefits from SLI in 95% of my games.

    I run 1920 x 1200 exclusively and from the reviews I've seen this is where the ATI X1900XTX 512MB seems to shine especially at High Image Quality settings.

    I'm not sure what is going on with nVidia, but cranking up image quality and using shaders seems to really impact performance and SLI isn't helping in many cases.

    But I think you folks are correct...perhaps a wait and see what comes out next is the smarter decision rather than move to ATI.

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