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anybody have a problem with nvmonitor? (cpu,gpu,system). the temps either dissapear, are greyed out or simply dont show up as an option. i once had all three but they dissapeared. tried re-installing, and updating but no luck.
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  1. I had the same problem with the Nvidia gpu temp display disappearing on me. First, delete the Display driver from the program. The reinstall the driver ( 84.21) then when installation is done, restarts right away. This is important to restart right away after the installation. I found out that after installing the driver, when I activated the Multi Gpu mode, the Nvidia temp display is gone from the option.

    So, I will say again. Install driver and restart right after the installation. After it restarts then you should have the temp display, then now you can activated the multi GPU function and then restarts again. Then you can unlock the coolbits if you want to.
  2. thanks that did it :lol: its been a day. i am not going to touch any more options. i hear if you uncheck a temp it won't come back.
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