View Sonic LCD problems

I have ViewSonic LCD monitor . I have had this ongoing annoying
problem that comes and goes. Does anyone know how I can resolve it? I
don't want to pay money for a new one or take it into a shop (too
expensive). Is there something I can do to resolve it on my own?

Heres the problem:

The monitor goes blank (black screen), like the light dims down so bad,

it looks like it is off when using the computer. It happens doing
random things like surfing the internet, word processing, listening to
music,etc. This happens 3 or 4 times a day when using the computer.

To get the monitor screen back to normal I have to keep hitting the ON
button, turning it on and off. Sometimes this fixes it right away.
sometimes it takes 30 minutes to come back on. sometimes if will
flicker on for a split second and then go off.

What can i do about this short of throwing it out the window? Please
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  1. Since you fix it by monitor power switch, it is probably the switch or the lamp backlight failing in the LCD... Sounds like it is out of warranty too.
  2. It sounds like your monitor's power supply is the problem. Call the manufacturer and see if you can get some information about the power supply, if not satisfaction. You should be easily able to take your monitor apart and remove the old power supply. Getting a replacement that fits within your case will be more difficult but the PS maker should have left some kind of part number.

    Also, identify what the outputs are on your power supply. Which pins are ground and which are +12V. You may also have a +5V output but that's pretty rare. Most of the controller cards for monitors and backlight inverters run on +12V only and you don't want to mess with them.

    Power supplies are pretty cheap. Backlight inverters can cost $25-75. Controller cards can cost a few hundred and the LCD will cost several hundred. Replacing the monitor is usually less expensive than replacing anything other than the power supply.
  3. A friend of mine have a viewsonic LCD monitor and he also head some problems with it, but recently we found some answer in a tech support site that have free live chat support. The expert was good and gave us some tips which helped us fix the problem.

    Here is the page for Viewsonic Monitor Support

    Hope it helps
  4. Some viewsonics have a problem with the DVI output. I have experienced this problem only once after 6months owning a VX2025wm.

    Here is the solution:

    Turn the computer off, plug both DVI cables into the back of your monitor and into your graphics card (if you dont have 2 dvi ports on your graphics card you may need a VGA to DVI converter).

    Turn the computer on.

    Turn the computer back off and unplug one of the cables so you are back to having only 1 plugged in.

    Turn the computer back on. FIXED!

    This is a well known problem that only exists in earlier revisions of this monitor (and maybe others), new ones shouldnt do this anymore.

    Whether this is your problem or not I dont know, but try it!
  5. I had the same problem with my viewsonic optiquest q20wb.The problem began with the same symptoms you are describing.Mine got progressivly worse until it refuse to give me a picture or stop flashing the green light.Upon investigating and googling the problem,it turns out the power supply uses soem of the worst capacitors made.I opened it up,and most fo the capacitors are bulging,indicating they are bad.this is on an LCD one and a half years old,with a 1 year warranty(figures).so I am now in the process of finding soem low esr caps to replace the bad ones with.Hope this helps.
  6. Yeah 9 times out of 10 a monitor going to no video black screen or causing the power light to flash is the result of caps being blown on the power board. It's a really inexpensive fix and requires you to have a basic solder knowledge. has a very large selection of caps. Remember you can go over voltage, but not under. Get ones that are rated slightly higher than your current ones and they'll last even longer.
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