Upgrade from 7800GT to 7900GT yes/no?

Should I upgrade from my 7800GT to a 7900GT? I was eyeing up the 7900GT version with 520MHz core clock speed... Has anyone seen a site posting benchmarks comparing the 7800/7900GTs?
All this only because I'm hoping to improve framerates in Oblivion (sometimes as low as 7-15), due to my widescreen (1920x1200). Not willing to switch off graphic features!
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  1. overclock it to the max and wait for some time but if you have some extra cash why not?
  2. Quote:
    overclock it to the max and wait for some time but if you have some extra cash why not?

    overclock my 7800GT to the max? hmmm i'm scared! i've never done that kinda thing! i also alwys burn my toast at home...

    if i sell my old card on eBay i prob get something like £160 for it. the new card comes at £230. quite a bit of money, considered that I only bought the other one 3 months ago!
  3. ı think it is not worth 70 pounds there is not much difference between them just lower your resolution a little bit and overclock it with coolbits if you are afraid of heat problem get an nv silencer or accelero because new ati 580+80 nanometer cards and nvidia g80 video cards will be on sale a few months later. you know it is just a consuming producing game be smart.. besides 7800 gt with a good cpu can handle all the games at 1280-1024 even 1600/1200 at max settting
  4. Naujoks, With that resolution you should be thinking SLI instead of a single 7900 card. I think the difference between 7800gt and 7900gt is 10% not worth it
  5. I have got an Asus 7800GTX TOP LM with 512 MB DDR and did some overclocking with it...It's normally clocked at 486 MHz and cranked it up to 524 MHz within safe limits . So I say ; overclock for the time being...
    Also if you consider that NVidia is most likely to put out a new GPU this year, why bother?
    As for SLI , I 'm just recently getting interrested since the true 2X PCI-E 16X motherboards came out before that it was just a waste of money in my eyes.
  6. I reckon SLI might be better if it's to bump up minimum frame rates, however lowestonweb are doing XFX and Albatron 7900gts for £200 each, with free delivery :)

  7. Are You Scared For OverClocking ... Damn ... I Was Scared Too ,Before Doing This :oops: But With A Little Help Of Some Of The PC Masters ( Special Thanks To MadModMike 8) ) I OverClocked It To 450/1100 On Stock Leadtek Cooling , But I Will Get An Accelero X1 Soon & Then I`m Going To Hit 475/1150 or Even 500/1200 :twisted: ...
    @ Topic : I Agree To Wait For Something Much Bigger & Better :D
    But If Like An Upgrade Get An ATI X1900XTX ... :twisted:
  8. My minimum frame rate is 15 in Oblivion, average 25... surely overclocking won't make that much a difference? How much will i gain? 3 or 4 frames more?
  9. Check These Benchmarks :
    F.E.A.R. 1024x768 4xAA+16xAF Max Quality :
    7800GT Stock (400/1000) :
    Min : 32 , Ave : 56 , Max : 133 , 30% Between 25 & 45 Frame , 70% Above 45 Frame .
    7800GT OverClocked (450/1100) :
    Min : 35 , Ave : 65 , Max : 151 , 16% Between 25 & 45 Frame , 84% Above 45 Frame .
    I Think You Will Get Something Between 3 To 10 More Frame Rate ; & Remember Stuck Is For Suckers :twisted:
  10. You are thinking of upgrading a 3 month old 7800GT to a 7900GT?!? :roll:

    What do you do for a living? How old are you?
    I advise you to slow down, step back and ask yourself,,, Could this money be more wisely spent analyzing the market, technology and hardware before plopping down $400 and again and again?....
    You just got a card, wish for another, and another and another... it goes on and on... And to top it off, you are inexperienced to the point you are scared of overclocking?!? You need to learn and understand your PC and it's limits.

    Overclocking, when done by someone with intelligent research and advice (and in moderation) is not harmful to the hardware's life significantly.

    You realize within a few months DX-10 cards (which are needed to take full advantage of MS Vista) are going to be showing up within a few months... Does this mean you will upgrade your 3 month old card now, and in 3 months again??? IMO, that is not wise, and you will always be searching for the unnatainable... And I suspect you do not have deep pockets, or else you would have gotten a better card (or pair) to begin with...

    Take it slow and research what you have now and learn how to get the most out of it first. Then if you still want to upgrade, research some more on the direction you wish to go in and know what you are going to get and how you plan on using it first. Spend your money wisely.
  11. Wow , Nice Post !!
  12. I'm running obliv at 1280 1024 maximum detail with HDR and I don't think it's yet dropped below 45fps.

    My system:

    Geforce 7900GT 520mhz/1500mhz with zalman vf900cu
    Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4ghz with zalman cu cooler
    2x1024 433Mhz Dual Channel Corsair
    Asus a8ne nforce4 ultra
    western digital 74gd
  13. if planning 2 spend same amount of $$$ on a 7900 gt, get a x1800xt, same price better performance, plus ati has better image quality than Nvidia. I f really want to spend some money get the X1900xt. This card will alst for years to come :D
    DFi lan Party NF4 Ultra-D
    amd +3700
    ati x1900xtx
    2x 150gb WD Raptor X
    1gb Kingston Hyper X pc 4000
  14. You are probably going to have to go to an SLI config with that high of resolution and features. Maybe a singe GTX or x1900.
  15. Look at his RESOLUTION! it is a FarCry from 1024 x 768. I doubt that he'll see 2FPS change. And to get to a FPS that deletes stutter (at least 25 and preferably 30FPS?) Forget about it.

    You're data does say one thing though, reduce your resolution and keep the settings the same will obliterate any overclock. And, you'll see hardly and real deterioration on visuals.

    LCD screens are not as good as CRT screens in my opinion because some are terrible at anything but their native resolution. A few are OK, but not near a CRT in this regard. It is too bad that bad technology forces a radical position in GPU technology because the LCD is not really up to the task at hand with moving video. LCD's just barely keep ghosting at bay and STILL can't interpolate anything but native resolution with good results. LCD's are great at still, though. I'll keep my 19" Trinitron for games thank-you.

    But, if you can run one notch down in resolution, try it. The number of pixels to interpolate drops dramatically. And, your LCD may do OK. And, it won't hurt anything like overclock (still not a big worry if done reasonably).
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