MSI Diamond plus North bridge Water cooling block


I found many water cooling blocks but none that would fit in the thigt spot of that motherboard, anyone knows of one that will fit on the MSI Diamond plus north bridge, I already found on for the south bridge. The 4 mounting points seem to be ~25mm x ~53mm.

PS: Laing DDC12 Plus is a very noisy pump. Any commet on a good silent 12V pump ?
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  1. Koolance MB Cooler

    That should fit, it might be tight though, real tight lol.

    As for a silent pump, hmm Hydor pumps are supposed to be pretty freakin nice, I'd take a look at the Hydor 35L and see what you think.
  2. what the hell is a ddc12

    the ddc is the most quiet pump i know, you won't tell the difference between whether its on or off, and there is minimal vibrations...
  3. Laing DDC-12 Plus,

    I tried to silence it as much as possible, the pump is now hanging from a rubber band. The 1st problem I had was to use quick connector to connect my external radiator, and those plugs seemed to be quite restrictive , So I changed them to the smallest air brake quick release (1/4") with lock on both end. Now the ticking sound is gone. But the noise of that pump is the same as a small brush motor at about 4500 to 5000 RPM.

    I obviously want this noise gone... I really like the idea of a 12V pump as starts and stop at the same time as the computer. I do have a EHEIM 1048 ( can't hear the thing going) 240V pump to help the bleeding and emptying, but it needs to be outside and runs continously. There is an EHEIM 1046 12V, I will probably buy that one too with a normal DDC12 (no plus), try both and keep the better one.

    If the heat get's too high because of the pump, I'll just get another Cape Cora pack of 6.

    Too bad I can't attach the picture of the quick connect I got, I am sure many would like them a lot.
  4. my bad, i refer to it as the ddc too often that the 12v part just gets erased from my memory =P

    and i can assure you, that is the quietest and has the least heat dump out of all the pumps. you probably have a bad one.. try to rma it
  5. Have you tried the "PLUS" or the normal one ? I have the "PLUS"
  6. oh man, it looks like one of the modded ones i been hearing about... they were suppose to be killer at head pressure and very low heat dump... try using neoprene to dampen the vibrations..

    if you want a quieter pump, try to look for a normal ddc or an aquaxtreme 50z

    (i never used or have personal experience with teh ddc plus so i don't know how loud it should be)
  7. Quote:
    Find one that's as unrestrictive as possible even at the cost of performance.
    Still a heck lot better than air.

    I find chipset WB only useful for silent computing. An overclocking system should NEVER have a chipset WB.

    The primary goal is Silence, the second goal is performance.
  8. I should know on Monday, I will have both Plus and normal Laing DDC-12 in my hands.
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