Tyan K8WE (S2895) - Can I plug a PCI card into a PCI-X slot?

I have heard you can plug a regular old PCI card into a PCI-X extended slot? . However, I have looked at it and it seems PCI-X slots have a divider that would make PCI cards phisicaly not go into them at all. i opend up my case and found that there didnt seem to be any possible way my regular PCI graphics card would go into this PCI-X slot?
So it seems I only have one PCI slot on my motherboard and 3 PCI cards I wanted to instal in it. (ex: Audigy 2 ZS) Whats the deal?
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  1. Still, that dosnt answer how it is phisicaly possible.
  2. Be careful NOT to mix up PCI-X and PCI-Express!!! While PCI-X might be clocked down to accomodate PCI cards (I'm doubtful about it), PCI-Express has a completely different physical implementation: it uses a serial bus instead of a parallel. It would be like trying to plug a SATA cord into a PATA drive (the protocol is the same, but the interface is radically different).
  3. Hi there!

    I'm on the point of purchasing a S2895 for audio appplications and I need to plug a PCI soundcard. Could anybody confirm that standard PCI cards can be plugged into those PCI-X slots?

    Fishquail, how many sata connectors does s2895 have? I need to connect at least 3 sata hard drives.
  4. Thanks for your reply wusy :D
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