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I have just bought a new 1GB Kingston 1GB 400MHz DDR PC3200 DIMM 3-3-3 for my SY-KT600 DRAGON Plus motherboard. The motherboard has 3 memory slots and already has a 512MB 400MHz DDR PC3200 chip that came with the motherboard.

All seems fine until I play any game that uses 3D. When I load (Fifa 2004 for instance) the game, the machine freezes every time. I know the system works fine with these 3D games, proven by removing the new 1GB chip and running with just 512MB.

Before I send it back, does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? My board should take up to 3GB in RAM. I have the latest NVidia video drivers installed, my video card is an 128MB 3D card running at 8X AGP.

Many thanks
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  1. a friend had the same problem as you, but with an MSI KMVV or somethng like that, he had a single 512Mb stick, then he bought another and when he plugged it, it wouldn't boot (altough it was well installed), so? what did he do? he sold a stick and he's saving the difference so, he sells the other stick and buys a single 1Gb stick

    Pretty popular the word "stick" turned out to be....
  2. Those chipsets do not like to have mismatched RAM chips. You either have to run a 2X512 configuration or a 2X1Gig configuration. I've put together easily a hundred machines with those chipsets and still have two of them running. I've always encountered that problem with those chipsets. They can be very particular.
  3. Thanks for the reply

    I think the IGB RAM chip may still be faulty though as I have tried running it on its own. It still passes memory tests and is accepted in Windows but the system will freeze when loading a 3D game.

    But thanks for the tip on doubling up memory chips. If thats the case then I'll get the 1GB chip replaced and try running that on its own from now on.
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