Home made Heat solution????

All this talk about heat :( ... from reading the Video card forums and the gamers forums complaining about heat, has made me concerned about adding my newly acquired ATI X800XT PE without doing something about cooling.

I'm thinking about using some scrap heap PC's that I never got around to throwing away, by taking one of the Power Supplies and putting it in a plastic housing so I can use the 12volts to drive two 120mm fans that I will add to the case of my PC by removing the side panels and cutting a hole.
I figure, 1 fan exhausting air and the other blowing air should get the PC ventilated. All this for the inexpensive price of 2 fans and no additonal drain on my PC's power supply.
Whadda think? Should I do it?

Sony Vaio PCV RZ46G (Mobo OEM Asus P4SD-VX) 3.2ghz 1G Mem 400GB HDD - PIONEER DVR-106D; NEC ND-3520A - ATI Radeon 9600XT w/256MB Driver, XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP2 Creative Audigy
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  1. well. I told this in another thread (dun remember which one) but I'll tellya what did the father of a friend do, he cut a hole in the sidepanel of his case and attached a 30cm 110V fan...his AXP never got past 40ºC under full load
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811196022

    This case has a 25cm fan on the side and a 14 cm fan in front. It has to be a windtunnel.

    You will have to have 2 power cords going to your computer and shut off and turn on the fans manually. I don't think it would turn off on its own because it is not hooked to the motherboard. If you can get it to work that would be cool. Let everyone know how it works.
  3. Quote:
    It has to be a windtunnel.


    BTW, I'll ask him if he can take some shots @ that box to post'em here
  4. In buying the parts, I found fans than run on AC. So instead of playing around with an old power supply, I'll just plug them in to a dimmer switch and have I'll have two 92mm fans moving cfm105. One will be set up to exhaust the other to blow in. I bought a washable filter for the inbound fan..... I bought rubber gaskets, filters and cages. Total with shipping a little over $40.
    I hope it works....
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