Connecting laptop to TV with VGA - Component Cable

Is there a reason I can't get this to work? I tried with both my laptop and my Desktop(running a 6600GT) and cannot get a signal. I configured them through both Nvidia drivers, the intel drivers for my laptop, and the windows display drivers. None of them worked, what should I do?
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  1. Your laptop outputs R, G, B, H, V. Your TV must have the same five inputs in one of its set of recognized timings. If your TV has only R, G, B inputs, then it requires "Sync on Green" which your laptop doesn't do.

    I'm enjoying a similar problem with my own TV and HTPC. My television is a little dated because it does not have DVI or HDMI. My HTPC's video card does not offer 1280x720 as a standard resolution and the TV does not have EDID to tell my HTPC what it's capable of. At least 640x480 shows without being cut off at the bottom.
  2. okay thanks a lot. I was just hoping to get a better quality signal than S-Video, but I guess i'll just have to stick with that or hooking it up to my desktop with the DVI-HDMI cable
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