Is it possible to test the PSU

Is is possible to test the PSU before plugging in the motherboard?

If so how?

Can I just use a voltemeter on the outgoing cables when the PSU is plugged in or will it short circuit and fry?
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  1. You can get a PSU tester. Antec sells them, you can get them on newegg, ebay probably, etc. It basically loads the 20 or 24 pin and turns on the PSU so you can do measurements w/ a voltmeter. Great for diagnosing fluctuating voltages that a software monitor might not catch.

    You could test w/ a voltmeter the molex connectors, etc. I'm not sure how you would test the 12V or 3.3 or the 5 going to the motherboard. Maybe someone else has a better idea. :)
  2. you have to momentarily short the PS_ON (pin #14, usually green) to ground to simulate the power-on signal from the mobo.

    If it does not work you have to load up your +5v with a hdd or a cdrom lying around and you should be good to go to test voltages w/ a DMM.
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