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I just completed my Sandy Bridge build using the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe MOBO. I installed XP SP3 first on HD #1, and then Win7 on HD #2. The Win7 bootloader defaulted to Win7 64-bit and 30 seconds after powering up would boot into the system. I could then boot into XP from the bootloader without any problems. After a few weeks, the bootloader, after the 30 seconds, would no longer load Win7 by default, it would go to a black screen with no cursor. After a hard reboot, the bootloader would come up again and I could manually select which OS to boot into, and everything was fine; both into XP and Win7.

The other hiccups were the double POSTing, which I fixed with BIOS tweaks that I read about in other forums. And whenever I had to do a hard reboot, before I got to the bootloader, I would get an error message (just below the American Megatrends logo) which said that my overclocking failed and that I had to go into BIOS to correct it.

Today while I was downloading and installing Win7 updates, my internet connection dropped and half the updates failed to install, and it gave me a restart prompt, which I did. Now I can no longer boot into Win7. It tries to boot but it says that it tried to but failed to repair some Windows files. When I try using the recovery disk I created, that brings me to a screen with options that include using a restore point and restoring a backup image. I don't have a restore point, and though I have a backup image, I want that to be my last resort. XP loads fine. The image I have was created using Paragon. Would Windows be able to restore that backup image?

Is there any way to fix my Win7 boot up problem without restoring the backup image? Would the Win7 OS DVD have the necessary files to correct this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. there are two problems, one is the motherboard
  2. ...and the other...?
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