DVI conetion w/fx5700le

What I'm I missing? I bought a new monitor (Samsung 940bf), conected the DVI cable and the auto sensor in the monitor says there is no signal from my FX5700le card. Did I forget to flip a switch? Or set something up in the software? I only get a signal through the rgb connector. And Yes I"ve rebooted with the DVI cable connected. The monitor just flashes a sign in the upper left corner that says digital/analog until it finds a signal. If the rgb is connected, with a rgb cable I get a picture. If only the DVI is connected, I get nothing.I'm lost. Help! :(
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  1. do you have a known working dvi cable you can try. it might be that simple. also at the OSD for your monitor, you should have an option to tell it the signal source, ie: dvi, vga - can you set it to dvi manually and see what happens.
  2. are you sure your vid card isnt broken? Cos it is getting on a bit now.
  3. Thanks I'll check it out.
  4. Have you set the display in dual or clone mode?
  5. install the latest NVIDIA drivers?

    try choosing Digital only.
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