gamepad vs. key/mouse?

I prefer to use a gamepad instead of mouse/key,can you guys recommend a good gamepad?
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  1. The XBox 360 wired game pad is compatible with the PC. Its a bit expensive at $40 bucks, but IMO, its far better than any other PC game pad I have used. You could also get a PS2 controller and use one of those converters have it work on your PC.

    If youre on a budget, the the Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog isnt a bad controller. I have one and I think I paid only $15 for it. Its got a very similar layout to the PS2 controller. Its not a perfect controller as the buttons seem a little clunky and its cross pad isnt all that precise either.
  2. I just don't get how one can prefer a gamepad over the MUCH more accurate mouse/key solution. I just don't get it. But we're all different I guess right?
  3. Superbrett's idea of XBox 360 gamepad was a good one, but they are pretty pricey. If you fancy a bit of D.I.Y you could get practically the same result at a much lower cost.

    I've been running an XBox controller over USB with XBCD for ages and it works great. I even put a USB port on my XBox so that I can use the controller for PC and console.

    If you search XBCD in google you'll find the instructions on how to splice together an old USB cable and an XBOX controller. I'm assuming XBOX controllers are much cheaper than 360 controllers? And they're practically the same!
  5. You've tried the XBox gamepad on PC?

    I'd try adjusting to Mouse/Keys if I were you - some games aren't compatible with gamepads, I can't get mine to work with Raven Shield, and its total carp (intentional) with Q3A
  6. Quote:
    They are great for racing games where you need fine control over the throttle

    True, but only when the analog is good enough. I've used some pretty shocking 'Analog' gamepads before, the Xbox and PS ones are pretty much the best analog pads you can get. I'd say the Xbox pad is best for racing/FPS, but the PS pad is best for 'nimble' games like THPS and fighting games like Tekken.
  7. Quote:
    IMO, a better option over the hunky steering wheel.
    I didn't think I'd ever see anyone say that... Perhaps you can go from lock->lock more quickly, but the difference is surely minimal. It's a helluva lot more fun with a FF wheel too of course :D

    Well, the best gamepad in the world is the PS/PS2 design. Confortable, all the buttons in the right places, etc. I've used pretty much all the controllers and the PS design is by far the most 'natural', IMO. I have an adapter and use one on my PC when I need to.

    What do I use? Depends on the game. FPS games - mouse + keyboard, console conversions/'arcade' type games I often use the gamepad. e.g. Tony hawks type games. Driving games I use my good ol' MS Sidewinder FF wheel. Pure flying games I use a FF Joystick (and some space games, but usually prefer mouse/kb for them.)

    I use the gamepad for GTA games too, for a couple of reasons:
    1) I played the ps2 versions quite a bit, so I'm just used to the gamepad controls
    2) Since you can walk, swim, drive, and fly in them, a joypad is the best solution because of it's 'multi-purpose' design. Keyboard+mouse is good for running around, but sucks for everything else. I will concede that Vice City's chaingun is crap with a joypad (Can't aim up) though.
  8. Yep the x52 by saitek is the best in the world.
  9. Quote:
    Yep the x52 by saitek is the best in the world.

    For a joystick I totally agree. For racing nothing beats the momo and for fps there's no way aroung a good gaming mouse (like the G7 or the new razor).
  10. You got a momo? I've never heard anything bad about it...

    My Sidewinder FF wheel is starting to die - a few of the microswitches are starting to be a bit dodgy - sometimes You'll shift up two gears when you only press it once, and a couple of the other buttons are starting to need repeated pressing (or very hard pressing!) to get a response from them... The force effects, steering, and pedals are all still great though.

    One question actually - with my wheel, in something like NFS:UG, if I drive into something fast - which of course causes some form of 'Shudder' effect, then its like it gets 'stuck', and keeps doing that same effect until another similarly large one comes along.... So while you're driving along a straight, every second or so the wheel shakes as if you've driven into a wall. The only way to stop it is to drive into something/someone to cause another effect of a similar magnitude, which then 'overrides' the existing one, and it normally gets reset properly... It's not a massive issue, but I was wondering if anyone else gets this, or if it's just me. I don't think it used to do it back when I first got it, but of course that was windows 98 and Toca 2 (not "Race Driver", just "TOCA 2") or Colin McCrae rally (the first one)... It's more funny than anything... :lol:

    I can't really complain, since I have had it for something like 7 years or more I think, and it gets a fair old thrashing....

    Does the momo have a clutch? If I get a new wheel, I want to get a clutch, to make stuff like Toca RD3 even more difficult....:mrgreen:
  11. No the momo has no clutch unfortunately. But it has optical sensors for the wheel turning; makes it last a little longer.

    Sadly you every FF device will die at you at some point or another; but if you really like racing with a wheel nothing beats the momo. It has been like this for 3 years or so now... (I've already got my second momo now and am immensely enjoying it with GTR and GTL)
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  13. Well if money is your issue and you have an old xbox controller and a spare usb cable there are guides on how to turn a xbox controller to usb. but if money is not an issue go with the 360 controller you can find them sometimes on sale on places like amazon and newegg
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