Should I buy a 2nd 7800gt to complete my SLI or buy 7900gt?

Well I bought a eVGA 7800gt OC back in early December (which is or the 90 day limit for their step-up program) and have been thinking about buying another graphics card. I am wondering if I should buy a second eVGA 7800gt oc card to complete my SLI set while I can or should I buy a 7900gt and complete that set later? Also should I just wait for the 7800gt prices to go down then buy one? I am alittle scared of doing this because I don't think the card I bought will drop much before they discontinue it if they haven't already.

This is what I have:


P.S. - Currently playing ES:Oblivion which is an awesome game. Want to buy new card for it.

3700+ AMD
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Mobo
2 gigs OCZ PLat.
1x eVGA 7800gt OC
430watt Antec PS (Replaceing when I go SLI)
40gig Maxtor
250gig WD
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  1. Yup, that's why I HATE SLI. You're probably better off with the 7900GT. Less game compatiability problems, heat, power consumption etc and the single card is probably as fast.

    If cards were only a little faster each new generation and the old generation really dropped in price big time then SLI might make sense. But that's just not how the system works these days. Each new generation card just blows away the previous and the previous generation prices hardly drop at all. The 7800GT is practically still the smae price as the 7900GT. That's crazy - who would get suckered into a 7800GT today?

    Maybe that's why nVidia came out with SLI, as a way to get rid of their old inventory....figure these SLI people will need to buy an older card to match at some point. Hmmm, interesting conspiracy theory.
  2. I don't know. Knowing what I do now about the 7900's it seems like some are a little buggy. I'm having a minor issue with my 7900's that I got yesterday. They work, but there is an annoying issue that crops up every now and then, and I'm begining to think perhaps I should've just stayed happy with m 7800's I had before I decided to step up.

    Yeah the 7900's are faster, and out perform the 7800's but the 7800's have already been around awhile and been through their "buggy stage" for lack of a better term.

    I would say, if you plan on selling your 7800 for a 7900, go for it. But until eVGA gets their act together on the 7900GT front, go for a different brand. If you can find one though in your place I would probably just go for another 7800 and go SLI. Mostly because you get the boost from SLI, but more importantly, you can take advantage of NVidia's SLI Physics that isn't too far down the road.

    Just my $.02
  3. Yeah, I have been reading that the eVGA cards have been having some problems and honestly I don't think I would be happy if I bought just one 7900GT. I don't think I would see that much of a diffrence. I am thinking that I may just go ahead and take the plung and buy two 7900GTs. I was debateing on getting one 7900GTX but two 7900GTs are about the same price as one 7900GTX. Question thou, will I see better performance from 2 7900GTs compared to one 7900GTX and if so how much? Also I am pretty sure that my current 430watt Antec PSU will not be able to handle two 7900GTs (or will it?), Do yall think a 550watt PSU will be sufficient or should I aim higher? I am trying to stay around $100 give or take on the PSU.

  4. Two 7900GT's do out perform one 7900GTX as shown by this review over at Anandtech.

    I'm not quite sure about the power requirements, although I personally wouldn't go below 500w to run SLI, and making sure your 12v rail has a decent output ~30-35 amps I believe. One thing you should probably make sure when choosing a power supply is look and see if it is SLI certified. I didn't end up doing that with mine, and now I'm hoping I won't have to go buy yet another one. Hope that helps.
  5. I would say buy the 7900 GTX
  6. Hi... I have a K9N4 SLI, and a NX7300GT...

    another NX7300GT would cost me like $60, an NX8800GT, like $170...

    Is the NX8800 powerful than two NX7300 in SLI? if thats the case... its that powerful to be worth the extra $100?

  7. To anyone thats posting a reply, look at the date, this somehow got pushed to the top and its from 2006
  8. esalazar said:
    Hi... I have a K9N4 SLI, and a NX7300GT...

    another NX7300GT would cost me like $60, an NX8800GT, like $170...

    Is the NX8800 powerful than two NX7300 in SLI? if thats the case... its that powerful to be worth the extra $100?


    yeah it's more powerful, but hey if you have 180 to spend why not drop it on a 4850 it's much more powerful than a 8800gt, and cost a little less after MIR, why not get one of those.

    yeah gamecrazychris it is an old post, but if I recall correctly it's better to post in an old psot than to just make a new one, some admin or mod or w/e said that or maybe it was in the rules or something, any who, it's all the same I guess
  9. i would say go for a 7900
  10. This is pretty funny.
  11. i just realized that the topic was made on 2006
    haha shame
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