ATI graphics vs. nvidia nforce2 motherboard

Running on a:

AMD xp 2800
Gigabyte nforce2 motherboard
1gb Ram
Radeon x800 pro
all current drivers

I have been through 2 radeon 9800 pros and seen this problem, and starting to see it again on my new x800 pro.

Worse in lower resolutions, you will see checker board like effects on some surfaces. Shearing? of the graphics on edges, and a almost dusty look to some animations, obviously not something the devs intended. This problem seems to start small and worsen over time.

Wondering if my motherboard is bad? The only card that seems to run clean of this problem is my old nvidia fx5700...Not gonna stand up to Oblivion with a prayer with that...

Please help, unsure what to do next...losing my faith in ATI
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  1. Are you running with V-Sync on or off ?

    Which drivers are you using ?

    What settings are you using in the drivers ?

    I got a heap of documentation on them, and had a thread here 2-3 pages long on settings to consider for ATI card in the Cataylst Control Centre.

    Of course (re)install / update your mainboard chipset drivers at in drivers section, (expect issues without them), and then update your ATI drivers at - bottom left.

    It could be caused by your PSU.

    No screenshot, and only a short desc = very hard to 'guess'
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