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I've been building systems using the A7N8X deluxe/AMD combination for a year or two. It's been pretty good to me.

However, on my next system I am thinking I'd like to move up the ladder in performance, but I'm not sure what rung on the ladder to step on.

I think the Interactive CPU Comparison Charts are EXCELLANT! However, it would be even more excellant if the current CPU prices were included in the mix.

Is there anything out there that would provide this kind of price/performance comparison that I am looking for??


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  1. The Pentium D 805 has the best price/performance ratio out there, then the 920, then the 820.
  2. It's more complicated than just the price of the CPU vs performance, I think we have reached a point where both price is affected by cost of ownership (wattage) and performance is affected by number of cores.

    So even if you find a chart with price/performance, it may not take these factors into account.

    The new CPU's coming out at the end of the year have me salivating, I am going to hold off a whole year in finishing my DVR so I can include either a conroe or low power am2. That will help me keep a handle on the price of my silent cooling system.
  3. Ycon,

    Is that based on personal experience or is the data compiled/summarized someplace where we can read it?

  4. The Intel dual core 805 I have seen for $130.
    The cheapest AMD dual core, tho faster, costs a bit over $300.
    It is not twice as fast, and the 805 is an excellent overclocker, much more so percentage wise than AMD's.
  5. ivoryjohn,

    Can you point me a direction where I can learn more?

    So you know, because of the cost I'm not too keen on the newer CPUs that are out. I'm trying to build a system(s) that are an improvement over the A78NX Deluxe/XP 3200 combination in horsepower and reliability, but not break the bank.

  6. You choices are intel 805 or amd 3800.
    The cheapest dual core being intel and a route to the Conroe which looks like it will be the best deal performance and price wise and thermal wise...
  7. Quote:

    Is there anything out there that would provide this kind of price/performance comparison that I am looking for??



    What I do for price/performance is to find the Chart(s) that measure what I do that demands the most resources. In my case it's video rendering and I happen to use Pinnacle. I go to the Pinnacle chart and then open another page an go to newegg and price CPUs and compare them to the chart. Like with anything, you need to know roughly how much you want to spend. Don't know if newegg ships to Canada but if not, I'm sure there are Canadian companies that sell computer parts at good prices.
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