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I have a HP Compaq 6510b with windows XP operating system. This was an old work computer and my logon does not have admin rights. I have a new windows 7 disc and want to install. How do I install or get it to boot from the CD?
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  1. save all the files and pictures to a thumb drive, DVD, etc...
    if the disk will not boot by itself
    open up the bios settings of the HP
    set the CD to boot first.
    I would try to delete partitions, reformat the drive and do a fresh install, then replace the files from the above back up.
    you will need the software, such as microsoft office, after you reformat the drive and install a freshy...
    your only other 7 choice is to upgrade, and that won't make you an administrator...
    you can take the CMOS battery out for a minute and put it back in...
    see if that clears the password, when the password prompt appears, hit enter.
  2. Hi,

    There are Two options available.

    1. You can order a replacement set of Recovery Discs using the link below - these will reinstall the operating system, all required drivers and nearly all of the original software ( the exception often being trials of MS Office ). They will also re-create all the original partitions, including the Recovery Partition.

    Order HP Recovery Discs.

    2. Another option you could consider is to create your own Windows 7 installation disc.

    Before trying the following, make sure you can still read the 25 Character Product Activation key on your Windows COA label ( 5 blocks of 5 alpha/numeric sets ).

    An example of a COA Label can be seen Here.

    You can create a Windows 7 installation disc yourself using another PC - just download the correct Disc Image ( this must be the same version that originally came with your PC ) from the link below and use an application such as ImgBurn to burn the ISO correctly to a blank DVD - a guide on using ImgBurn to write an ISO to a disc is Here. These Images are clean and from a well-respected source ( Digital River ).

    Windows-7 sp1-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit

    Use the disc to perform the installation, enter the Windows activation key found on the COA Label when requested and when the installation has completed, use the 'Phone Method' detailed in the link below to activate the OS - this method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who just want a clean installation of Windows 7 without the additional software load normally bundled with OEM installations.

    Additional drivers and software you may need can be found Here.

    Best regards,
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