Win7 BSoD appearing often? Windows Shutdown

Hi I have a problem with my computer, recently it starts crashing once ever 30 minutes (roughly sometimes it takes longer and other times it takes less time) giving me a 'Blue Screen of Death' as I believe it is called. I have no idea what the problem is, therefore I will attach one of my dump which gets created after a crash in hope of someone solving this mysterious issue :)

Win 7
ATI 5770
Intel E8400
3gigs of ram
and a 350 watt psu (I know its bellow recommended but it works)
my MB is an gigabyte S series i cant precisely remember its model if necessary I will look for it.

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  1. 1. Turn of automatic restart so you can see what BSOD says.

    2. Check Event Viewer

    3. Take messages from 1 and 2 and do a web searcxh on your problem. If all else fails go here:
  2. Thanks the event ID is 41 if that is what you mean, a kernel error is what it says, according to google its a harware error. Still that does not tell me much what could be wrong? Could it not be a driver issue?
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