Need Help / X1600PRO AGP / High Pitch Buzzing / Heat Issues

just purchased a X1600 PRO AGP for my DELL XPS for the sole purpose of using it to run the new DELL 3007WFP monitor. I installed the card by simply removing the old Radeon 9800 and connected the power cord to the one that was in the 9800 (as the X1600 uses a different power cable).

Upon booting up the system everything seemed to be working however there is a very loud buzzing sound, its almost sounds like whistling its so high pitched.

CPU: P4 2.8
RAM: 512
Video Card: X1600 PRO
PSU: 460W Rails:
Monitor (connection used): DVI and VGA
Hard drives: 250 gig / 160 gig
Additional PCI cards: Sound Blaster Audigy
Video Card Drivers in Use (Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center?): CCC

I downloaded ATI Tool and played with the settings in there. Speeding up or slowing the fan down has no effect on the buzzing. Interesting enough though when I run a Scan for Artifacts or Show 3D View the buzzing goes away as long as its running. Also when viewing webpages if I use my mouse scroll and scroll up and down the buzzing goes away.

Other concerns:
My idle temperature is at about 68-70 degrees.
When I run the Scan for Arifacts or 3D view this quickly peaks to near 100.

I am not sure what else I can try and im not sure even if I have any options for upgrading my power supply.

Can anyone suggest anything else? I am mostly just concerned about eliminating the buzzing. I do not use this CPU for any intensive games, I am using this card for the resolution only so the performance is not a big deal to me.
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  1. Upon testing further it appears the buzzing is coming from my Power Supply. Is there anything I can do short of getting a new one? I have a DELL XPS which has a special power supply for its case, getting a new one would be very difficult.
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