GPU cooling worth it?

is it worth spending like 30-50 bigones just to oc a card when u can get a better card if u didnt buy a new hsf? im guessing no for a >$300 card
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  1. For rare cards, could be, especially if you own one, and others report good successes... If buying new, good reasearch would put that extra $40 to work and get more oomph than the overclocked boost from a stock card gives, which it too can overclock good on its stock air cooler..
  2. Maybe for like an X800 GTO2 or 6800 GS, however but in most cases I would say no.
  3. is the 7900gtx or x1900xtx fan good or are aftermarket ones better?
  4. The 1900XT's fan gets pretty loud at full bore. But if you use ATiTool to change fan speed on the fly according to GPU temp, you can get it to run much more efficently. Mine never hits 100%.
  5. I often put GPU coolers on high-end cards because it often significantly reduces noise and slightly reduces the temperature of the system. However, if noise is not a big concern I would not recommend an after-market GPU cooler. Plus, if you're serious about overclocking, liquid cooling is the only way to go in my opinion.
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