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There are many version's of this printer ranging from $199--499$.. I was thinking about getting the 199$ read reviews and were all very good. I want an Excellent Photo Printer but yet have Speed for Crisp Text. I'm willing to spend around 300$.. I like the photosmart because it's a bottom loader and it is fairly small. What to do?????

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  1. Well, I will tell you this much. I just purchased an HP Photosmart 1315 printer. I have had a ton of problems with getting the drivers installed. I dont know if its the printer or the PC yet, I am still trying to determine this.
    The printer is great if it works. My problems stem from the USB connection, i think the printer is defective.
    The printer is extemely quiet when printing, and in draft mode it prints 17 PPM.
    Dont know if this helps much.
  2. My friend also have problem with the driver of this printer. I would not recommond this printer.
  3. What was the outcome of your friends problem? Did he get the printer drivers installed or did he return the printer for a different model?
  4. My friend returned the printer and get Canon one instead
  5. well i was going with the P1115 (199$) or the 299$ one...it's like the 1215 i think.... I was never gonna go with the 1315...

    Well from what i heard the quality is good and everything, i will give it a shot! i will let you guys No !

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  6. Well, I finally determined what the problem is with my 1315. It seems the HP software does not like the USB chipset on my motherboard. If you have a Via chipset, you may run into problems hooking it up through USB. The problems go away when going thruogh a parallel connection.
    It also seems that Via knows of this problem and released a patch on their website, but from what I can see in their tech forums no one has been able to get this patch working in Windows98. It looks like the file is missing some info.
    This is what I found out after a week and a half of trying to connect it USB.
  7. That sucks parallel port is a lot slow than USB port.
  8. LOL VIA chipset? That's everyone.. HP is having a lot of problems with their printers lately.. They had the power cord recall, a lot of their all in ones won't work with windowsXP, and the 1315 had a memory problem so all the Best Buys in the states didn't have any in stock because they were slow to fix the problem!
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