how to monitor cpu temps??

is there a software to check your systems cpu on a asus a8n sli premium??
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  1. SpeedFan

    You could also try the software that came with the motherboard (Ai Booster / PCProbe)
  2. thank you for recommending the program it works fine. But is 44c good on a opteron 170 w/stock hsf??
  3. idle or full load?

    IMO, very low 40'sC idle are good, and full bore loaded anything under 50C is good...
    But no harm will come to them if you just keep them under 59C full loaded... they can actually go higher than that, but something is not right if they are going over 59C anyway...
  4. its 44 at idle and around 52 while playing FEAR. when i installed it i took of the hsf after putting it one the first time and i thnk the thermal pad got taken off somehow. is it bad putting the hsf on and off like that??
  5. Well, those temps are just about ok, but those thermal pads are for one time use only.

    It would be better to clean the heatsink and cpu, reapply some thermal grease, and reseat the heatsink.

    Note that, when playing FEAR, your CPU would not be under full load, as only 1 of the cores would have been loaded. With both cores under full load, you can expect even higher temps.
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