What's going on with my new 1800XL?? 90*C in Windows!?!

Just installed my new 1800XL and was going through the CCC settings when I got to ATI Overdrive and saw that the GPU temp was 90*C.
The (rather noisy) fan activated and it dropped to about 86*C, but then it climbs again to 90*C. This is in windows, is this normal?? My 6600GT was 37*C in windows, and about 65*C fully loaded, and that was OC'd to 570/1180!! Can anyone shed some light??
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  1. Well I rang ATI and the guy just said that nothing was really wrong with that but to ring if anything worse happened.

    Also I ran 3DMark06 and it went fine (3203) with no artifacting, but when I ran 3DMark05 just now, right after the Canyon Flight CPU test my monitor went blank and just said, in a little blue box, 'Out of range', what's that all about??? It came back after a couple of minutes with my score though (7516).
  2. 90 degrees in idle is very much ..in games it`s ok...i pressume you should have had something like that ...40 in idle ...70 ...80 in load
    there is no such thing as termal greese not settled ..the cooler is either doing it`s job or not....

    i suppose the cooler is not in contact with the gpu pad.....if posible try to move a little the cooler see whether it`s hanging in something..... or maybe the active cooler got jammed..open the case and take a look at it
  3. Well, like I said, I just installed it, it's a brand new card and I don't want to do anything to upset the warranty. If it melts then it's not my fault and I'll get a new one!

    Anyone know why my monitor would black out during 3DMark05?
    When I tried to set the '3D refresh rate overide' to '60Hz' under the Display Options tab and ran a rolling demo from one of the bundled discs it did exactly the same thing, so I've set it back to 'Disabled' and the demo ran fine.

    Should I alter any of the other 'DVI' settings under the Digital Panel Properties tab, they're currently set as:

    Reduce DVI frequency on hi-res displays - 'unchecked'
    Alternate DVI operational mode - 'checked'

    these were how I found the settings.
  4. Just for interest sakes, what driver you using?

    I remember that I tried a catalyst driver that didn't support my 1800xl at that stage, and thus I had to use the bundled driver seeing that there was nothing telling the gcard that it was in 2d mode - it was also running 90C...

    So maybe you have an outdated driver - otherwise I don't know what might be the problem.
  5. I have a HiS X1800XT and I get 64C idle, and full load 3D benchmarking 81C
  6. first thing you have to do is changing the driver.......

    the black screens could be due to overheating...if indeed your card is 90 degrees........
    if it turns out to be 90 degrees as you said in idle it will get over 100 in games ...just replace it ..turn it back in warranty ... it`s a warranty issue
  7. Now when I play CoD2 it keeps crashing, ie. just quiting and sending me back to windows with a VPU Recover thingy!!

    Didn't have this trouble with my 6600GT!!

    Not sure which driver I have, when I go to the CCC 'Information Center' I get confused with all the 'information'

    it says:

    Driver Packaging Version -
    2D Driver Version -
    Direct3D Version -
    OpenGL Version -
    CATALYST Control Center Version - 1.2.2090.43056

    What am I doing wrong??
  8. ..ups..never mind the driver version..if it keeps crushing..it`s boiling..the temperature is too high ...the cooler is probably not doing it`s job.....
    or you have an extremely crowded case ...many wires and stuff....

    the vpu recovery utility signals you that there is a problem with the video card...the reason of the problem could be software..or hardware...

    if you can reinstall everything from the beginning....just to make sure ..the software is ok...maybe samething from the other card.....

    if reinstalled the sistem has the same problems ..that`s a faulty card and should be replaced.....
  9. if posible make a screen shot with the ccc on information center.....i can`t figure out what ccc version you have with the info you gave me
  10. Just got off the phone to a guy from ATI who said I should update my chipset drivers and see if that helps, so I'm downloading them now. Should have 'em in about 15 mins it's a 105MB file.

    Where can I host a pic??

    Ha ha, that's it!!!

    Now where was I... oh yeah, chipset drivers... back in a bit!
  11. that`s a good advice ..before blaiming a good device ...you should change the driver...........
    after updating the driver ..see what happens.....if the problem remains you can blame the hardware stuff

    i wish you good luck...i hope it`s the driver...or faulty windows or something...you could also reinstall the windows just to make sure
  12. okay, installed the chipset drivers... but I've still got 90*C!!!

    looks like I'm gonna have to throw this card back at ATI, or ebuyer, where I bought the damn thing!! What's best??
  13. Right, I've updated the CCC and it's got me down to 57*C... buuuuttttt....
    When I tried to run the automated clock configuration utility it rose the gpu core to 574MHz and then the computer reset itself... great!

    So when it rebooted it said 'blah, blah, blah, CCC left at last safe setting', or words to that effect. The gpu was still left at a requested 574MHz but the memory was at 495MHz. So I tried to manually up the memory frequency, but to be safe thought I'd do it in very small increments, so I shifted it to a requested 500MHz, clicked 'Apply' and the computer reset again. So it looks like the gpu doesn't mind being pushed around but if I go anywhere the memory it gets very angry. Anyone know why this might be???
  14. I'm not very fond of CCC overclocking - so i'd reccomend getting ATiTool for OC'ing... WAY better. But do take care though....
  15. That may be a solution but I'd still like to know why I can't adjust the memory frquency without my PC going mental and shutting down!
  16. Download ATI tools and tell us what it says under fan speed...
    I have a feeling either your fan isn't working or your heatsink is not on properly.

    My card got up to 90C when the fan was locked at 5%.
  17. I can hear the fan speed up when it gets hot, and it brings the temp down, so I think the fan is okay.

    I think I'm just gonna send it back!
  18. I have no idea - I tried OC'ing in CCC, and for some reason my 1900 also bombed out. I primarily work on ATiTool for OC'ing and fan adjustments.

    Please note though, that custom fan settings yield much better temps than the stock ATI driver settings. My 1900 went from high 90's to 71C max (used to be 85C - but winter popped in since and I set the fan speed to 64% at 71C)
  19. first i`m happy you fixed the problem with the driver....

    secondly do not overclock it untill you are really sure ..it`s stable as it is ...on default settings..

    just run the game .... and see whether is stable ..on default settings......
    if so and the temperature is resonable you could think of overclocking....

    first of all i would not oc it with default cooler..but you`ll loose you`re warranty...if the case is cooled enough.....try to clock it but do not use the overdrive utility from cc

    use riva tuner or ather program but only if you`re are sure what you are doing .....oc is kind of tricky...not to mention it could kill your hardware....

    if you`re decided to oc it and everithyng is ok do this:

    run ati tool or riva tuner ...increese the gpu frequency just a little ... ex from 450 to 455...then run the stability test...and so on untill you get artefacts.........in this time do not oc the memory

    when you reach a resonable limit ..ex ..from 450 to 475....then try the same with the memory...but remember the memory can only be clocked max 10% of it`s default setting otherwise your sistem will restart or ...buuuum...
  20. It seems stable enough, although in my games with settings turned right up they seem a bit jumpy with fairly poor framerates, but no artifacting. CCC lets me turn the GPU up from 500 to 575 with no problems. Right now its at 52*C.
    The problem is, as I said above, if I increase the memory frequency, using CCC, so much as 1MHz, it crashes my PC. This tells me that something is very wrong somewhere, but I just don't know what.

    If I were to install ATI Tool, what do I do about CCC, do I leave it, or am I supposed to uninstall it?
  21. Leave CCC as is - ATiTool 0.25 Beta 14 will disable CCC OC options - and you will solely use ATiTool for OC'ing. CCC will still perform it's other funtions as intended.
  22. Just instanlled ATI Tool. Didn't like it very much, not very user friendly in my opinion, and as soon as I tried increasing the memory speed strange things started happening and the screen went blank. It came back so I reduced the memory again and then uninstalled the program.

    I'm going to ring ebuyer on monday and they can have the card back. I didn't have a single problem with my nvidia card, and that's the way I like it!

    Thanks for all your help folks.
  23. if you oc it you will loose your warranty...if on default settings it works perfectly then is ok ...if oc-ed works no more ....that is not a warranty issue ....
    oc is very difficult my friend ..if not experienced enough you should not try it ..it could destroy you toy....
    just leave on default ...i don`t understand way you what to oc it in the first place anyway

    if the game becames choppy on same settings and you really want to play at that settings try to increase the memory..defrag your hdd.......etc
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