Windows Slow Boot Up Problem - Please Help

hey all , here is my rig specifications :
Processor Intel Core I7 960 @ 3,20 Ghz
Motherboard Asus P6X58D-E
Graphics Card : Asus GTX 470
RAM: Twinmos 8gbs of memory (2x4) @ 1333mhz
PSU : FSP Group Everest 800watts (80 plus certified)
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit OS

my computer normally performs really good , but im having some problems like very slow boot-up ... im gona describe this further as when my desktop screen comes up it takes so much time for the computer to identify the Lan Network (which isnt the case on laptop) and same goes for the Kaspersky Anti Virus to turn on , in general until those 2 things get sorted and the computer gets operational , the bootup time in general is almost doubled , im running an Asus G53Jw laptop with w7 64 home edition OS , and it boots up quite faster than my desktop , which is a high end one and shouldnt be this slow considering this kind of hardware ..

i was wondering if a non-geniune Windows 7 Copy could cause this problem , or actually does it differ from the Geniune one much ?
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  1. Does it load any faster in either safe mode or with diagnostic start up selected in msconfig?

    Unless the none genuine copy has been altered by a 3rd party then it should not run any slower.
  2. Thats what yo get for using non genuine. Sorry about your luck but we dont help pirates/theives around here.

    You got a lot of nerve to steal, and ask for help.
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