Weird problem with DVD RW drive on windows 7

I recently installed windows 7 on my dell xps m1530 laptop. Till yesterday, the dvd drive was working perfectly fine, but yesterday, it just suddenly started ejecting all the cd/dvd i inserted. I tried using Microsoft trouble shooting, and when i chose that i was having a problem in playing the dvd, it started scanning for errors, and i inserted a dvd during it, it started working. But when the program ended, it found no problems :o

After closing the program, i inserted another dvd, and the same problem.

The dvd drive is TEAC DVD+-RW DVW28SLC

I have tried reinstalling the firmware using device manager but it doesnt work.

Help !!! :cry:
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  1. have you checked for malware?.
  2. uninstall it in the device manager, reboot and let it install itself again
  3. The dvd drive magically started working since yesterday with no problems whatsoever. But thanks for replying anyway.
  4. It is a good thing it started again :)
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