Is your Oblivion like this?

I think I am playing a different game.... :P

The story begins as you escort the emperor of Tamriel (voiced by actor Patrick Stewart of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "X-Men" fame) through a labyrinth of underground caverns -- then evil goblins kill him.

Hrm.. in my version some Asassins got to him... wouldn't really say they were goblin like at all :?

Another visual delight is the game's real-life physics, such as seeing a store sign sway back and forth after you shoot an arrow into it, and then being able to remove the arrow to reuse it later.

Real life physics. sweet.... not quite. I guess they are getting better though.


Ahh... cnn.
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  1. Quote:

    Ahh... cnn.
    That's all you had to say. :lol:
  2. Not real-life physics, but good physics thanks to the Havok engine.

    I like the fact that and arrow sticking in a logwill tilt it a bit until you remove it.

    Still a long way to go but a very nice step forward, like HL2. Some things HL2 does better some things Oblivion does better. All in all good enough to make it immersive.
  3. I like being able to pluck arrows out of things. At the arena, I pluck them out of the target as a guy practices. :D If you get in his way, he holds off shooting and then misses the target completely when he releases. Also think it's funny after a battle to view my guy in third person with arrow stinking through his arms, the shield, etc. I haven't yet tried dropping the shield to see if I can pluck the arrows out of it.

    Is there a time tracking stat like in BF2? I've lost track of hours spent playing now. It's over 20 though I'd imagine.
  4. I think the only time tracking stat is something like 1hour in the game = 1 minute Real life, something like that, but once you sleep/quick travel I'm sure it messes things up.

    I don't know. I actually turned off that feature for the Xbox when I first rented Morrowind because I didn't want to know that I'd been playing for 36hours straight! It's depressing and especially annoying when you go from the jubilation of the game to the depression of how addicted you are to something and how you didn't miss the fact that you didn't go outside for a whole sunrise/sunset.

    Gamers don't need to be reminded of these things IMO.
  5. I was shocked how quickly I hit 100 hours of BF2. I stopped playing for a while at about 135 hours (because I bought NFSMW), but i have friends well over 300 hours now. What I like about that is I can track how much they play and visa versa, but our wives could potentially track how much we play too. :? It makes more sense in a game like BF2 with all the stats logging. I'm just curious as I could play 3-4 hours of Oblivion every day if I had the time.
  6. 36 hours straight is an exageration right? 8O
  7. I'm pretty sure it says how long you've been playing on the save/load menus.
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