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Hello and help!

Newbie here building for 1st time and trying to learn the ropes.

I will use the system mostly for video editing, photo editing, and graphics but will pop in a game or two as well.

1) Will a "Game" board like the Asus A8N-SLI be suitable for non-gaming usage such as this? I was planning on using AMD's 64 X2 4200+ CPU.

2) Will overclocking also benefit video editing and other non-gaming applications?

3) What video card will be suitable for this system? I suppose I will not need a whizbang card. I will probably only use a single card.

4) Any pointers to a how-to site that takes me throught the build, step by step once I acquire all the parts?

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  1. All motherboards are much the same when it comes to what your running on them, so a cheap board will game and edit pretty much the same as an expensive board. E.g a $50 nf4 board speed wise will almost match a $120 nf4 board at stock.

    There isnt anything such as a game board, motherboards are motherboards. They vary in chipset and features but they all do the same core things.

    What you pay the money for on expensive ones is better quailuty components, better oc options and potential and more onbpard features such as firewire.

    Overclocking can help speed up encoding but will be of little use in editing apart from just a generaly quicker system.

    Graphics card wise, depends on the budget but as your not a big gamer maybe a 7600gt or x1800gto.

    If your not going to sli, save the money and get a single slot motherboard something like the ASUS A8N-E NF4 ULTRA
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