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Hey guys,
I have a Dell Dimension 8200, which uses the 850e motherboard.
The top CPU this motherboard can handle is the 3.06 GHz Pentium 4.
I recently got one from a friend, and after installing it, the PC starts, goes into the Phoenix BIOS screen, beeps about ten times in a row, and shows a mesage that says "No timer tick interrupt" and stays there...pressing any key does nothing....so what´s the problem....I replace my original chi and everything´s OK with this one....but what can it be?
Upon closer inspection of the new CPU it has one of the little brass conectors missing, and another is kind of twisted...it this the cause of the problem? can it be fixed, or is my new procesor screwed? 8O
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  1. The old CPU is OK, I replaced it right away and everythings ok...but about the other CPU whats the problem? is the BIOS of my motherboard not good for it, or is it the chip itself?
  2. If you have a photo of the new CPU it would help a lot, thanks.
  3. So you think the problem is from the BIOS...sounds like a good idea, I`ll give it a shot
  4. Didnt work, the new bios didnt fix anything
  5. I went on Dells site and according to them, the highest processor that board will take is a 2.80Ghz P4.


    I would venture to say that processor is dead in the water since you have the pin problem.
  6. There are companies out there that can fix broken and bent pins on CPU's and are very cheap to do it. As the service manager for Compucare I have have sent folks to these companies and they have been able to fix them for around 20 bucks, I just don't remember the companies names.
  7. In some cases, I could see doing that. If say you had an FX60 processor, then yes, saving it would be a high priority. If it were me and I had an older processor that was broken, that would be an excuse for me to build a new machine. :D
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