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I have now started hunting for a new graphics card. Last september I bought an Alienware Area-51 3500.
P4 630
Asus P5GD1-VM motherboard
And a XFX GeForce 6600.

I have found the the 6600 is like a puppy, no matter what you throw at it, it keeps trying. But it is begging to lag at certqain points in the games I play and it is getting annoying(COD2 mainly). I have decided to go for a card that will last me a good few years. So I have been looking at the latest offering from ATI and Nvidia, the 7900 looks good but it too expensive and no where has any in stock. ATI seem to have caught my eye with there X1900XT. I have read a review of the PowerCooler Radeon X1900CT. I doo however need to uopgrade my power supply as it does not have a pci express connector.

So on my shoppig list is
PowerCooler Radeon X1900XT
Antec TPII 550watt

Will that PSU my alright. Also if you will be postuiing links to shops try and make them UK shops as I cant import parts from the US>
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  1. Um there are plenty of 7900gt s about




    The x1900xt is more expensive than the 7900 but it is the better of the two cards. If you can afford a x1900xt go for it.
    That psu will be fine, also you do know you can by molex to pci-e adaptors and cards used to come with them (not sure now as some makers removed them because idiots were using tiny psus for monster cards). Still if your psu is already big enough you dont need an upgrade.
  2. Have you looked for a 4 pin molex to 6 pin pci-x adaptor.
    link to pic.

    This would save buying a PSU.

    That card looks great BTW.
  3. Neat thanks.
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