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Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone had an idea where i would get a free sofware that i would use to monitor my cpu temperature i have tried speedfan,mgm 5,sensor view pro, but none of the above are compatible with my cpu wich is a pentium m 1.73 please anyone who knows of anything please let me know. thanx in advance.
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  1. Is your comp a Dell? I have a Dell laptop with a 1.6Gz Pentium M and I can't find any software that will tell me a CPU temp. I use Everest to monitor my temps as well as alot more and if you search around you can still find the free version although they stopped supporting it in 2006. I'm pretty sure that it's a Dell bios thing that is keeping you from monitoring your cpu temps.
  2. no my laptop is a sony vaio can you please like give me a link to were you downloaded the free version of everest.

    It's a good program for viewing your memory timings and it runs from the unzipped folder.
  4. Nice link, I wasn't aware of such a program.
  5. Thanks for the link but i also have a software that does the same called fresh diagnose it let's me see all the details of my hardware and software apart from my cpu temp.
  6. oh thanks mate i have just downloaded it and it works perfectly my cpu is like 38 deg what about yours? oh by the way just try fresh diagnose you can download it at it gives more details than everest and who knows maybe it can find the cpu sensors in your dell laptop.
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