overclocking makes my pc3200 ram read as pc2700 in bios post

heres my set up, i have an asus p5gd1 mainboard with a intel 630 chip 1gb of crucial value pc3200, now heres what i dont get, when i over clock up to 5% it reads my ram as pc3200 in the bios post message, but if i got to 7 or 10 or 15 % overclock or more it reads my ram as 2700 in the bios post, but in cpuz it still shows my ram as being 3200? what could cause this? i dont think its the ram cuz iv had the fsb running at 950mhz with the cpu at 3.4ghz stable playing fear and BF2 for a few hours and no crashs,

any guesses?
thanks in advance
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  1. If the speed is set to auto in the bios when you overclock it can slow the ram to make sure that it is stable. So if it senses the ram is not stable at a certain speed it will lessen the speed to allow for more oeverclocking.
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