best PCI-E dual DVI card...

What is the best PCI-E dual-dvi video card available for around 300 bucks (would prefer it be less than 300)

Right now I have a 9800pro AIW, so something that would be a noticable improvement over that would be great...

I play bf1942, cstrike and a few other FPS, and plan on playing a lot of bf2 (on a widescreen dell 20") so thats about how "good" it needs to be i guess.

I think I will be getting a A8R-MVP mobo so i dont know if that makes a difference (says the mobo has ATI radeon express 200 crossfire)

I assume I will be buying from newegg since I would prefer to avoid a noname retailer off of pricewatch and monarch where I plan on buying my cpu.mobo.ram combo has pretty steep prices and slim pickins when it comes to video cards.
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  1. You're going to want to go with an Radeon X800XL

    or if you don't mind not having crossfire, go with this PNY 7900GT with shipping it will be a few dollars over $300, but will kick serious rear.

    Just my two cents. I'm no expert. :idea:
  2. Go with the Sapphire Radeon X1900XT card. Why? Here's why. This card can take whatever you throw at it and then some. Beautiful graphics when set to the max and you still will get excellent frame rates.

    Only problem is that it may run a little hot. But its still ok.
  3. The x1900xt is way past his budget!
  4. in continuing my mobo/cpu search it appears im not as set on that mobo as I initially how about a lsightly new angle...if i could get any motherboard should I get one with crossfire or one with some nvidia chipset? or not worry about that in mobo selection and pick the mobo and video card independent from one another?

    What IS crossfire anyways?
  5. Crossfire and SLI don't really provide good framerate return for the money.

    In the $300 range your best bet is the X1800 XT or 7900 GT, but cost will probably go slightly above $300 afer tax & shgipping.

    Just above $200 you can find the X1800 GTO. Almost as good - pretty much on par at stock speeds - is the 7600 GT under $200 which is a really good deal.
  6. X1800/X1900 offers dual-link DVI. 8)

    That's a good bang/buck, then the X1800XT;

    Both well under $300.
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