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i have had my opteron 165 @ 280 x 9 (2520 mhz, 9/10 divider) for a while now. i recently realized that i can also have it stable (overnight of dual prime 95 for both) at 315 x 8 (2520 mhz, 8/10 divider). i am using a DFI lanparty ultra-d motherboard with OCZ DDR500 ram (2 x 512MB). what im asking is which setting would be faster?
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  1. No significant difference.
  2. Benchmark it with several benchmark programs testing RAM and CPU under both configurations.
  3. Agree with RichPLS, benchmark it until death, my money is in 315*8
  4. i did a few benchmarks and they are usually within 1% of each other, which is within margin of error. i think im going to leave it at 280 x 9, because i have been using it for a while and havnt had any problems.
  5. and less stress on the memory...
  6. u know wat
    i'm curious. maybe u might want to post the results? mem benches, cpu benches and wathaveyous.
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