Need a better option than the X1600Pro

My old card died very abruptly a few days ago, which caused me to panic, rush out and buy a random card. I'm usually more astute about these things, but I hadn't kept up in a while and went with what the guy at the store recommended. Of course, after I got my computer working again, I discover that very few people actually like the X1600Pro.

My computer is only about two-and-a-half years old, and I don't really want to upgrade for another year or two. The main sticking point is, of course, that the mobo only supports AGP (if I upgrade the mobo to PCI-Express I might as well upgrade the whole thing). So, if every other component remains status quo, which card should I exchange the X1600Pro for?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. Anything of equal or, I guess, slightly higher value. $300?
  2. Try the X1800XT you should notice tne difference plus 512MB . Newegg has it
    for $284.00
  3. Look at either 6800gs or 7800gs, both agp.
  4. get the 7800GS, that's gonna be the last AGP card you'll ever buy and i'm pretty sure it will keep up with games for at least a good 18 months or more...
  5. I normally wont recommend a 7800 (too expensive IMHO better to replace MB, Processor) but in your case since you r planning to keep your system for another 1-2 years best to go for it.
  6. I think you got that confused I wasnt aware that ati made x1800xt in AGP??
    NE wayz my personal choice would be a Evga 7800 gs sc
    Before I decided 2 upgrade 2 PCIe, I did days of research and the 7800gs sc won my heart, I mean yea, I am an Ati fan, and the x850pro which sells about $200 is a great card, but the 7800gs sc (super clocked)
    has sm3.0 much better performance than the x850pro, bu ffffaaaarrrrrr.
    I you are in no hurry to upgrade to PCIe, the 7800gs sc is the smartest way to go, it will last U at leat a year and a half even more, if your system is pretty riged up :wink:
    Great card for value and not to mention performance wise.
    So YES the EvGA 7800 GS SC is the card to go!!
    -Good Luck-
    P.S keep us posted :D
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