Hign temperature on new VGA card

Hi. I just got a new computer and it is pretty hign. 63c in idle and 80 in idle is it normal? I got a new HP computer;

My GFX card is a Nvidia Geforce 6200 SE w/ turbo force

VGA Memory Clock: 501.2 MHz
VGA Core Clock: 351.0 MHz

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  1. my 7800 gtx idles at 60C after being overclocked
    but anything under 70C idle is okay wont hurt
    i would only get concerned if your card reaches above 90C under load
  2. And i can only check my CPU temps under BIOS, i can't check it on ex: Speedfan, Asus Probe and MB5.
  3. Have you tried SensorsView? :)
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