Enabling Dual Channel on my MSI 6788 MoBo

I have a question concerning how to enable dual channel on my MSI 6788 (865PE Neo-V) mobo. CPU-Z states that my memory is now single channel, performance mode enabled. I have 2 x 512MB in slots 1 and 2.
The manufacturer states:
• Supports Dual channel DDR266/333/400MHz and up. (based on DIMM 1, 3) Does this mean I have to plug one module from slot 2 in slot 3 to enable Dual Channel? I can't find anything in my BIOS setup that states enabling dual channel.
Can someone shed a light on this? :?:
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  1. Do as the manual states and you can't really go wrong.

    Worst case, single channel remains.
  2. Moved one stick from dimm 2 to dimm 3 and behold....I have dual channel, performance mode disabled. Thanx. :P
    Learning one step at the time.
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