Computer wont start, wierd colours

hello all. i ran into a wierd problem with my pc the other day.. i turned it off and when i went to start it up in the morning it didnt start..... the bois loads then when it goes to where the windows screen usually is ( i disabled it ) i just get a bunch of wierd colours in little pixles at the top of the screen and it stays there. ill post a video to show.
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  1. sorry it took me a bit. but here are the videos. i reformated my computer and it still glitches out.. ill have a couple youtube videos buffering and it just freezes and glitches out.
  2. Since it doesn't restart in safe mode, it's very likely the graphics driver. Windows uses the default display driver in safe mode.

    However, the odd colors that your seeing in the BIOS boot screen, could signify some hardware defects, because it hasn't loaded your display driver at that point.
  3. GPU overheating, failing memory, psu not giving enough juice, faulty motherboard slot.
  4. hmm this is awful lol. how do you really check for all of this. you would have to replace everything in order to find out lol.
  5. Fist thing to replace in this case is the video card, it's by far the most likely cause of your issues.
  6. If you don't have a video card laying around, that can be a very expensive step. First, I would start by trying to newest video driver.
  7. Hi Lindsey,
    Checked your specs and because you are using ATI Graphics, I have to ask....You didn't allow 'Windows Update' to update your ATI Graphics did you? If you did the drivers are most likely borked and will have to be reinstalled. Don't ever let 'Windows Update' your ATI Drivers.
    Go to the XFX Website and get the latest drivers for your card and operating system If you don't know how to install ATI drivers get the Install guide as they can be tricky and you have to uninsall the old ones first.

    Nice looking rig you have. First thing is unplug the power to the PSU and turn the PSU power switch off and then depress the start button for about ten seconds to discarge any residual charge in the PSU.
    Then remove the 5770 and re-seat the card and then be sure the 6-pin connector from your PSU to the 5770 GPU is tight and hasn't been disconnected. Then plug in your PSU and don't forget to turn the switch back on.
    Post back when your done.
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