Windows 7 Install Effect on a Raid 1

Hi Everyone,

I am currently running Windows 7 RC on a 500 gig [C drive].

I have two 1 terabyte drives setup in a raid 1 configuration serving as an internal backup solution [E drive]. The raid is enabled by my motherboard (ASRock X58 Extreme) and operates in Windows 7 RC just fine.

I recently purchased Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and I would like to do a clean install on my [C drive]. I will not delete any partitions nor will I reformat my raid 1 hard drives. My question is if I do the clean install, will that destroy or corrupt my raid 1 configuration on my separate [E drive]? The reason why I ask is because I am at 80% capacity on my raid 1 set up and I don't have anymore hard drive space to back that up. I want to be able to do a clean install of Win 7 without corrupting my Raid 1 setup or losing my data. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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  1. Usually, windows 7 (any edition) will use your current boot configuration on C drive
    and will just overwrite the current Windows installation there.
    Your RAID 1 setup depends on your motherboard's configuration not on the OS,
    as long as you leave it the way you configured before all will be just fine.

    The best thing to do is move all your files currently in your raid 1 drives to an
    external backup drive. If you dont have one, now is the best time to buy or if you
    have a friend that has a large capacity external drive then borrow it for a while
    and use it to backup all your files then perform a clean Windows installation on C
    drive. Incase something goes wrong or a power interruption occurred and your
    pc suddenly went off while in the middle of installation, you dont have to worry
    about your data being corrupted because you have it copied on your friends
    mobile drive. Just turn your pc back on again and continue with the installation or
    perform another clean installation on C drive again (if you want) until Windows 7
    is properly installed, then copy your data back to your raid 1 drives.

    -- If, for some personal reason you cant afford to buy an external drive now
    or your friend wont let you borrow his mobile drive, the best decision is wait until
    you can afford to buy one then backup all your data there and install the
    Window 7 Pro you bought.
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